Hair Education

All questions that I receive and feel are relevant and helpful to others are answered and posted here. Most people have the same questions, and we aim to educate all. So ask away!!
How often should I clip my end?
Everyones hair grows at different rates. While some can go 6 months without clipping their ends some should be getting their ends clipped between 6-8 weeks. A great way to tell if your ends need clipping is bu how they look and feel. If the color of your ends are starting to look lighter in color or they feel rough it might be a good time to get them clipped. 1" to 1 1/2' is a great start to clean ends. 
Whats the difference between a protein treatment and a deep conditioning treatment?
A protein treatment is used to reconstruct and strengthen the hair shaft. It adds a protective layer to the hair follicles. A deep conditioner adds moisture to the hair and is always a follow up to a protein treatment.